OurTraditional Dinner

ALL DINNERS INCLUDE Onion soup, house salad, shrimp appetizer, teppanyaki vegetables and steamed rice. Fried rice $2.50

OurDinner Combination

Select two of the following items (Add prices together)

OurSpecial Meal

OurSide Orders

(with dinner orders only)

OurChildren's Menu

(Children under 10 only) Includes onion soup, house salad, vegetables, shrimp appetizer and steamed rice. Fried rice $2.50

OurShogun Bento Box

Served with onion soup, house salad, teppanyaki vegetables, shrimp tempura, crabmeat puff and fruit. Fried rice $2.50.


OurShogun Special Rolls I*

OurShogun Special Rolls II*

Contains Raw Fish

OurTraditional Rolls& Hand Rolls




OurLunch Bento Box

All lunch bento boxes come with soup, salad, fried rice, 3 pieces of california roll, Japanese spring roll and crabmeat puff.

OurLunch Sushi Special

Served with onion or miso soup.(Exchange Surcharge Applies)

OurLunch Grill

Served with soup or salad, teppanyaki vegetable and fried rice.

OurLunch Combination

Select at least two of the following items.


(Japanese noodle, no teppan veggie or rice)